Tuesday, 7 February 2012

The Two Sisters Punishment Haircut

The Two Sisters Punishment Haircut

It was more than forty (40) degrees outside on a scorching summer day in Sydney.

Both girls accompanied by their father were in a sort of panic feeling as their father said to the receptionist with an abrupt voice "very short back sides for the both of them".

Tina looked at her sister Cheryl and both of them sat in the waiting area with a look of fear on their faces.

"Well, here we are in a barber shop and both of you know what is about to happen.... You will both get your hair cut, and this time I am going all the way " said the father to his daughters with amazing confidence. "No way" exclaimed the two girls. "If you want to behave like brats or sook that's ok because you will both get your haircuts here today" said the father.

Tina's hair was below her waist line and Cheryl had hair that reached down to her bra strap.

Tina and Cheryl thought they would never see the day their dad carried through with his threat about them getting haircuts. "Daddy .. Daddy please don't .. We promise no more late nights" they both said with tears starting to fall on both their faces.

"Don't make any promises you can't keep because it is too late, You are going to get decent short .. short hair today" said their dad with a loud commanding voice again.

As they were talking between themselves about their upcoming fate I being the barber looked over their way and yelled "Next?" sending both girls into a sort of panic feeling.

Their father walked over to where I was standing near the vacant chair and said "both are to get short, short .. really short back and sides boyish cuts ... do you understand?"

"Yes, certainly consider it done even if I have to handcuff them to the chair"

"That may be a good idea so do it" said their father before turning to Tina and at the top of his voice shouting "get your bum into the barbers' chair now".

Tina raised herself slowly off her chair and started moving towards the massive barber chair waiting for her.

Neither Tina or her sister had ever sat in a barbers' chair before, the size of it was a little intimidating, with her not knowing what all the handles and equipment were for but little did she know she was about to find out.

Cheryl just sat in awe that her sister was actually sitting in that immense chair about to be shorn of all her long blonde tresses and that her turn would follow.

But their father was in control and he knew what he wanted , he also knew that she was going to ensure they got just what he had promised.

"My name is Wallace the barber" I said as I fastened the clean barbers' cloth then cape around Tina's' neck. I tightened it firmly and turned her to the mirror to explain to her about her haircut. "Your father wants you to have a short, short cut and that is what I am going to do young Tina"

"No No No I do not want all my hair cut off " she said without hesitation. "Well I am sorry all your hair will be cut off, so stop sooking and making a scene young lady" I replied.

As I turned Tina back away from the mirror before shearing her beautiful blonde hair to the floor she started sooking and pulled the cape around her neck off.

So I asked the salons' goffer / assistant to get me two pairs of handcuffs from behind the counter and with her father's assistance I cuffed both Tina's hands to the chair.

Tina continued her tears but I just went on and wrapped clean barbers' cloth then cape around Tina's' neck once again and I tightened it firmly.

“All right,” the father said to me with a sense of excitement and he returned to take a seat in the waiting area.

“Big Change,” I said as I started to pull Tina's long hair out from under the cape.

Tina looked up at her long hair one last time as I came back around with scissors and comb in my hand.

I started by combing out a section right on top of her head and held it between my fingers. Her sister's eyes popped as I moved in with the scissors. SNIP SNIP SNIP, the scissors closed right into Tina's hair about an inch above my scalp. 50” of her hair was raining down onto the cape in front of her very own eyes.

I was quick to comb out the next section and SNIP SNIP SNIP. More of her hair was raining down over her shoulders and onto the cape. I worked my way up the top of her head reducing it to roughly 1” in length and moved my way over her right ear.

For Tina the sound of the scissors was petrifying. With every snip more and more of her hair would rain down into her lap. The right side was now completely cropped to roughly 1” in length like the top.

Now I tilted her head forward with my hand and started cutting toward the back behind her right ear. I held up section after section in the back and snipped away vigorously reducing the length all the way down to a short crop across the back. Tina's head down looking into the pile of hair that had gathered in her lap and could feel the weight getting lighter and lighter after each and every snip I took at the back of her head.

“Wow" I could hear her father say out loud as I was cutting away.

All Cheryl could see was me "The Barber" moving around and cutting away at section after section and was now taking the last few locks away from the back of Tina's head. I finished and the sound of the scissors finally went silent.

If Tina could see into a mirror at her reflection she would quickly realise that her hair was very roughly cropped to about 1” all over her head. She would see every feature on her face and neck now that there was no more hair to hide behind anymore. Her cheeks stood out more noticeably now without the long hair.

I returned to the bench put my comb and scissors down, before coming back behind Tina again with something in my hand which she didn’t get a chance to see, other then the chord that was leading to it. I tilted her head straight down to her chest and all she could hear was the sound of the WAHL Electric Clippers pop on. Nrrrrrrr. The sound of them filled the room.

I had my hand on top of her head holding it straight down and aIl she felt were the clippers being placed on her nape. They moved up the back of her head quickly in swift motions from the nape to her crown, pass after pass.

"Your turn very very very soon young lady" the father said to Cheryl with loud voice and smile on his face.

"No No No I do not want all my hair cut off " she said with tears on her eyes".

"Stop the sooking and the tears, all your hair will be cut off, no matter how much sooking and a scene you make young lady" the father replied.

I now tilted Tina's head to the left and I worked the clippers way up behind her right ear then over over her right ear pass after pass quickly taking her hair down to very short peach fuzz. I moved over to her left side and rammed the clippers pass after pass over the left side as well.

I changed the guard on the clippers and again tilted her head forward. I moved more slowly this time running the clippers up Tina's nape line creating a tight taper along her hairline all the way around the back and over her ears.

“This is how we lower your ears” I said to Tina cheerfully as I buzzed away at her hairline over her ears creating a tight fade.

I finished with the clippers and took a spray bottle and sprayed the top of her hair making it soaking wet. I took a hairbrush and hair dryer and started drying it straight back making it stick up on the top. When I finished it was all spiked up on the top of her head with a very round shape.

I now took the clippers and a comb again and came back behind Tina and slid the comb into the top of her hair holding it horizontally all the way across. I moved in slowly with the clippers and ran them all the way across the top of the comb pass after pass creating a flat top shape on top of her head.

I was mesmerised watching this transformation I had given Tina and how meticulously I worked at creating the shape, working slowly on the shape and took quite a bit of time until I was finally satisfied with it.

I put the clippers down and hit the foam dispenser and white foam came out of it.
I applied the warm white foam to her hairline across her nape and over her ears. He took a towel and placed it over my shoulder. I took a straight razor and ran it over a leather strap on the side of the chair.

I tilted her head straightforward and slid the razor into her nape scrapping it across the back of her neck. I ran the razor up over her right ear and down her right cheek. I went around to her left side and ran it over her left ear as well and down the other cheek.

I wiped her hairline off with the towel and threw the towel into a bin. I put some lotion on my hand and applied it to her skin where I had just shaved her. The smell was very much boyish aftershave lotion and very cooling on her skin.

As I do after every cut I took a dusting brush and poured some baby powder onto it. I brushed off her neck and over her ears and forehead while I loosened the cape. I slid the cape off of her shoulders allowing all of her long locks of hair to fall to the floor in front of her.

Finally I took the hand mirror and showed her the back.

“There you go young girl” I said before undoing the handcuffs and calling out "next to her sister".

Her sister burst out in tears and shouted
""No No No I do not want all my hair cut off " she said with tears on her eyes".

Tina reacted and said to her "oh yes you do and just as short as mine seeing it's you and your boyfriend who made dad so angry. Get off your ass and sit it he chair before I drag you over ... Now!"


  1. Not well written, but a simple nice story.
    I like a flattop on a woman, whether they like it or not. There is something very attractive about it !
    My, now ex' wife ended up with a cut like that, perfectly flat. She was really pissed !!

  2. My wife has had a flattop for several months now, she's constantly pissed about it. Yet it looks so damn sexy on her. I told her if she does not keep it like that, I am gonna tattoo her...

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  4. OH GOD!! I feel so so so so sorry for her :(((( I would have ran out of there if I was Carlyn // Screamed so loud people could hear me if i were Tina and killed myself if I got the haircut done. Not kidding. In 2nd grade I used to imagine a kid in my class cut my hair off, then I took a pencil and stabbed him in the eye and tore his teeth out with my bare hands (would never actually do that tho) Don't ask. I'm mental... But yeah I couldn't live with myself if my hair was short. For me a forced haircut would be like someone came in and killed your baby right in front of you. Bye xD